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Metric & Imperial BA Grub Screw Kit Micro Assortment Steel – Pack 1


Metric & Imperial BA Grub Screw Kit

15 Different Steel Micro Grub Screws – 100 of each – in a handy clear storage box. Sold elsewhere for over £100 for half the quantity. Ideal for use in development labs, micro engineering, model-making, clock / watch repairers & service departments.

Kit Contents – 100 parts of each size:

M2 x 4mm Radius Point

M2 x 3mm Cone Point 60 deg.

M2.5 x 5mm Flat Point

M2.5 x 10mm Radius Point

M1.6 x 3mm Radius Point

M1.6 x 6mm Radius Point

M1.6 x 10mm Radius Point

6BA x 7/16″ Radius Point

6BA x 3/16″ Cone Point 140 deg.

8BA x 1/8″  Flat Point

8BA x 1/4″ Radius Point

8BA x 3/8″ Radius Point

10BA x 1/16″ Radius Point

10BA x 3/32″ Radius Point

12BA x 1/8″ Cone Point 90 deg.

Weight 0.4 g