Allen bolts / Socket Screws used in many engineering & automotive applications come in four main different styles. Socket Cap, Socket Countersunk, Socket Button and Socket Set or Grub. In steel, these bolts / screws are supplied by us as High Tensile. Cap Screws are 12.9 Grade, Countersunk and Button are 10.9 Grade. Socket Sets / Grubs are 14.9. Most of our range (apart from socket sets / grubs) is plated with ROHS compliant zinc – self colour or ‘black’ can be supplied on request. Click on the images below to shop for these screws.

SktCap   SktCsk   SktBtn   SktSet

Socket Cap             Socket Countersunk          Socket Button          Socket Set

This whole range of Socket fasteners is also available in A2 Grade Stainless Steel. Click here to see our stainless range.